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Clarksville Feminists Media Roundup: First Edition (whoopwhoop)

I spend an inordinate amount of time online reading the news, various political blogs, and of course, social media. I sometimes worry about my health when I purposely, and continuously, frequent sites that are riddled with content that makes my blood pressure spike to dangerous levels. I often times question my own sanity when I find myself screaming at my computer monitor, as if the people responsible for my lunacy can hear me on the other side.

Perhaps I am crazy, deranged, or even fundamentally depraved.

However, I am more inclined to think that I am simply a feminist living in the bible belt.

I don’t want to start our relationship off on a pessimistic note by plastering links to every devastating, or infuriating, news story of the week. Because trust me, there is a lot of them. A whole fucking lot of them. Seriously. So. Many.

Instead I am going to use this, my first roundup, to share with you some radical feminist organizations, opportunities to help women locally and nationally afford abortions, and some thought provoking articles from various corners of the interwebs. So, my fellow feminists, enjoy.

  • Help Fund an Abortion:

-Make a donation to the J. Paschall Davis Fund, the ONLY local abortion fund in the Clarksville/Nashville area via Planned Parenthood of Middle & East Tennessee (PPMET).

Right hur Network For Good: Give to PPMET

You can also follow Planned Parenthood of Middle & East Tennessee on Twitter @ppmet

They have a fairly active Twitter, which is a great resource for local events, issues, and causes.

Ch ch check it out!

-You can also donate to The National Network of Abortion Funds, and help a woman afford her abortion. They accept any dollar amount, so if you have a couple bucks, why not help a sister out? If you’re totally broke, like myself (thanks college), do take some time to scope their website; they are a pretty amazing organization.

Donate here: Help Fund an Abortion via the NNAF at

Follow NNAF on Twitter @AbortionFunds

  • Check out these rad organizations that are combating violence against women using innovative campaigns that focus on art, media, and the power of community.

-The Line Campaign offers on campus lectures and workshops; with a heavy emphasis on progress through discussion and expression. They are the brains behind the Circleof6 app, which, if you haven’t heard of it yet, works to connect you to 6 of your friends/lovers/whatever in the event you need to quickly get out of an uncomfortable, or dangerous situation. With the touch of a button, the app will send a text to one of your six contacts, and ask them to call you, or pick you up. You can also reach a variety of emergency services; it’s brilliant.

Web:      Twitter: @thelinecampaign      Circleof6 App:

-The Pixel Project is visually stunning, profoundly unique, and seriously dedicated to helping women. They have developed a variety of powerful side projects, touching on a multitude of artistic mediums: photography, music, etc., that use moving, and engaging, material to raise awareness about gender-based violence. Check out their Music for Pixels campaign, it’s amazeballs.

Twitter: @pixelproject      Web: 

  • Articles & Etc.

-If you aren’t following @laurenarankin on Twitter you are missing some pretty bitchin’ tweets. She put together a Tumblr account to debunk anti-choice bullshit, and it’s awesome. Check it out at:

-I have been really into reading articles on lately. If you are not familiar with them, I highly suggest browsing their site; lots of younger writers, independent journalists, and freelancers, good stuff.

Rape Culture: 3 Reasons Most Men Are to Blame For Misogyny, Aleksandar Deejay

Tennessee Lawmaker Casually Promotes Shooting Muslims on His Facebook, Elizabeth Plank

My totally random closing thought
How awesome were cartoons in the 90’s? Amirite?



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A grassroots community organization, hoping to unite women, build a local sisterhood, and develop a strong feminist community in Clarksville, TN.


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