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Menstruation Matters!

I think this is a highly overlooked issue, and I am glad to see a movement happening behind it! It’s unfair, and inhumane, that women do not have free access to pads/tampons/etc., while men have various resources for free condoms. That is not to say that making condoms readily available is not beneficial for both sexes, it is! However, a man has the power to keep his dick in his pants; women are not afforded the luxury of keeping our uterine lining in our vaginas.

Girls' Globe

Every 28 days, women and girls of all ethnicities, races, sizes, religions, and nationalities experience the same thing:


For those of us living in high-income countries, we may get annoyed or even a bit moody when our beloved “Aunt Flow” comes to town, but we never lack access to essential, sanitary, and seemingly “life-saving” feminine products (i.e. tampons and/or pads).

As it turns out, feminine products are not seemingly life-saving, but actually life-saving – at least from an educational and economic standpoint. In 2010, UNICEF estimated approximately 10 percent of African adolescent girls do not attend school while menstruating. For those girls, keeping up with class lessons becomes an incredible challenge, as they inevitably miss a staggering 20 percent of school days. As a result, many female students drop out of school upon reaching puberty. Additional reasons for high female dropout rates include the fear of being ridiculed by…

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